Welcome to the

Canadian Club

of The Netherlands!

Formed in 1972,  as the Canadian Women’s Club (CWC) to unite Canadian women in The Hague, we have evolved as more and more people travel and live abroad. The name changed in 2009 to the current Canadian Club of The Netherlands (CCN) for short, reflects the growing number of individuals and families who now make The Netherlands their home.


We would like to welcome you and invite you to join our club to get more out of your European adventure by sharing with other travellers and fellow Canadians. We are constantly growing and this new website reflects how we are constantly adding new ways of being in contact with our members and providing services that reflect the needs of our membership.


Please have a look at our website and Facebook page to see past and present activities. Feel free to contact us with any questions, activity suggestions and to volunteer. And of course, your membership!

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