Reservations: For many events it is important to know how many people will be attending in order to arrange bookings at restaurants, to arrange transportation or to reserve accommodation. So if YOU wish to attend an event, DON’T FORGET TO RESERVE by emailing to or by answering the evite before the deadline.


CCN No-Show Policy: Once you’ve reserved and signed up for an event, you are obliged to pay the entire price if you cancel after the deadline (unless you can find someone to take your place). Please note that the NO-SHOW POLICY applies to ALL paying events unless specifically otherwise stated.


Payment: For all Club events can be made by bank transfer to our ABN-AMRO account number NL25ABNA0457021624. Please CLEARLY INDICATE the purpose or event to which each payment is to be applied.


Non-Smoking Policy: Whenever possible, the CCN will endeavour to create a non-smoking environment as a courtesy to its members. PLEASE REMIND all guests and non-members who attend CCN functions that all events are non-smoking events.


Please note: CCN tours and all arrangements made are for the enjoyment of participants. The CCN assumes no responsibility or liability directly or indirectly in connection with these arrangements.

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